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Sound for everyone

Hi ,

Welcome to this month's blog .

Today I'd like to talk about all the lovely people I've met this month on my travels with my sound therapy work !

I go out to many different events ,venues , fairs , meeting so many people .

This month I wanted to share with you some special meetings I've had .

I've been out to my regular care homes , seeing some lovely people there while offering one to one sound therapy sessions, these always warm my heart ❤️ and are often very meaningful interactions and connections through the power of sound. Communication through music and sound for these people brings about amazing benefits to them and their wellbeing.

I also met some really nice people while out and about at St Andrews Hall wellness festival, people that really were in need of some relaxation , stillness , de stressing , to feel held and listened to , people with mental health, anxiety , sleep problems pain issues , and people with hearing difficulties that still wanted to enjoy the beauty of sound , and enjoy the feeling of it felt in the body . people came for some sound healing in my monochord chair ,along with tuning forks and my giant DnA fork, i love these sessions and seeing their reactions to how they could feel the sound resonating through the chair ! So wonderful to experience .

Along with my regular soundbath events this month that I hold ,

And the special one to one sound healing sessions my clients book in for , sound healing is for everyone and in various ways and forms .

So if you would like to enjoy the wonderful healing benefits of sound for your own wellbeing , please get in touch for an up to date list of where I am for October and how sound can help you !

This month I will be at the painted barn , Thorpe end village hall , Bradenham Village hall ,Kings Lynn, Hellesdon, for soundbaths and sound healing sessions .

I'd love to meet you , and enjoy some beautiful sound and frequency you .

Animals also love it , and I have enjoyed a few encounters with some lovely pets this month too !

Blessings from me see you soon , from Sally

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