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Sally Collins
Sound Therapist

Sally Collins
Tuning Forks
sally collins

Hi, I’m Sally! From a young age I had an interest in alternative ideas about life and as I grew older, I read lots of books about alternative wellbeing and different holistic therapies. When I was 19 I was given a gift voucher for a Reiki treatment as I was very poorly. As I lay on the couch feeling the reiki energies going where it needed to go, I realised that there were many things out there to help with healing and wellbeing.  I started to investigate this more and my journey lead me to Sound Therapy.


I have always had a love of music and was aware of how it makes you feel.  Different music can affect you in different ways. After experiencing further reiki treatments and trying out many other therapies including crystal healing, reflexology, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine and many more, I realised that I wanted to train in something myself. 

In 2013 I trained in Reiki Level 1 and then I went on to complete Reiki Level 2. This inspired me to complete a wonderful Sound Therapy course in London where I trained with the highly respected and world renowned, Tim Wheater who has worked with famous bands such as Eurythmics, Bronski Beat and the London Symphony Orchestra.


I went on to train in the Reiki Drum techniques and Tuning Forks as a therapeutic treatment on a 1:1 basis. I work with trauma release, clients who have learning challenges and often do events at nursing homes for the elderly. I also treat people who experience anxiety and depression and are dealing with pain and sleep problems, plus many other areas.

I regularly hold sound bath events for small and large groups and love meeting and connecting with new people through the wonderful world of sound.

I am always expanding my knowledge and learning many more healing therapies to offer everyone.


"Bringing the magic of sound to everyone"

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I also work together with Michelle from 'Crystal Harmony' on a regular basis offering workshops and events. Where we bring together  both our energy and work. Michelle is a crystal healer  and together  we hold events of meditation and soundbaths with crystal healing, a wonderful event using the power of sound and crystals combined.  Visit the EVENTS page to see upcoming dates and information.

Michelle and Sally
Laura and Sally

In addition to this, I regularly work with Laura from 'The Sanctuary Within', offering regular monthly  candlelight yoga and sound events, a super relaxing yoga, suitable for beginners, we enjoy a lovely soothing stretch and relaxation style yoga, with soundbath  event . This is always a popular event and pre booking is definitely required .  Held on the 2nd Monday of each Monday. We also hold wellbeing fayres together and other lovely events like day retreats and workshops.

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Sally Collins Sound - Sound Therapist - Swanton Morely - Norfolk

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