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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to bring?
    Bring mats blankets , cushions , and warm comfortable clothing to lay and be warm and comfortable. Some people bring eye masks for their comfort. If you can't lay on a mat, please bring along a suitable recliner chair if you prefer. Some people like to bring some water to drink too .
  • What does a soundbath involve?
    I will guide you into a relaxation type of meditation, and then my therapeutic instruments will take you on a journey of sound, helping to make you feel relaxed . I will bring you back at the end, ask about your experience and a chance for feedback and questions.
  • How long is a soundbath?
    A one hour session unless otherwise stated.
  • What do I need to wear?
    Wear warm and comfortable clothing .
  • Can anyone attend a soundbath?
    If you suffer with epilepsy. Are drunk or on drugs. If you are in early trimester of pregnancy. If you have a pacemaker. Please contact me for further info regarding these conditions .
  • I have a medical condition - Is it ok to attend?
    The following people should NOT attend a soundbath: If you suffer with epilepsy Are drunk or on drugs If you have a pacemaker Please contact me for further info regarding these conditions .
  • I'm pregnant - can I attend a soundbath?
    You should NOT attend a soundbath if: You are in early trimester of pregnancy Please contact me for further info regarding this if you're unsure.
  • Does a soundbath involve water ?'s just the name given for the session, to describe the feeling of being immersed and bathing in sound and frequency.
  • Can children attend a soundbath?
    Yes it is suitable for children, but please discuss this with me before booking. As I hold separate children's events from time to time.
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