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"Bringing the magic of sound to everyone"

Jacqui, Swaffham

Thank you Sally for the most amazing hour of sound and its energies. You seems to know instinctively just when to alter, deepen or change the instruments or their vibration creating an incredible journey. Each of my experiences have been so different but I leave you with delight in my journey, feeling calm, balanced and looking forward to my return. Your beautiful energies shine in your work. Bless you. 

Lorna, Swanton Morley

I was new to the concept of sound therapy so initially had a taster session with Sally. I was hooked immediately. The various sounds help me to relax and I always feel so much better after a 1:1 session or group sound bath. It helps me feel calm, relaxed and ready to deal with life. I also love the fact that I get a fabulous nights sleep after a therapy session! Thank you Sally.

Cynthia, Toftwood

I love working with Sally and her sound therapies, but tuning forks have blown me away. Each month is different. Sally can detect imbalances, blocked or ‘sticky’ chakras and heal them in the most peaceful environment - I always go to sleep as she works her magic over me, around me and through the whole of my body. It brings about subtle changes which have a big impact on my life.

Alison, Ford Place Nursing Home

Sally came to our nursing home so that both our residents and staff could have an experience of a sound bath as part of our well-being sessions. The response from both our residents and staff were positive. Everyone felt really relaxed and at peace and one staff member commented that a knee condition that had given her pain for months had improved significantly the next day because sally had used her sound fork against it !! Wonderful session that we will be repeating in the near future.

Carol, Swaffham

I can highly recommend Sally and her sound therapies. I attend her soundbaths regularly and also have one to one sessions as a way of totally relaxing. Being transported to 'another world' is a wonderful experience. The different sounds and vibrations of the instruments are very powerful and will usually trigger emotions and feelings that need to be released. Sound therapy is truly healing!

Pam, Swanton Abbott

I have experienced three or four of Sally’s sound baths. Each is unique and deeply relaxing. Sally explains the instruments and is very good at conveying the effects that the sound resonation has upon the body and the chakra system...and also the cellular structures of the soon slips into a blissful state and time seems to just stand still.....I would heartily recommend a sound bath for pure relaxation and uplifting mental awareness as well as the profound effect it can have on one’s general health on all levels.

Yoga Norfolk, Norfolk

Sally is a very warm and enthusiastic person, she obviously loves helping people heal through sound using an array of instruments she intuitively plays, these include, various chimes, gongs, drums, singing bowls, tuning forks and more. Sally ran a sound bath at my yoga studio and I received very positive feedback and it was enjoyed by all. I would recommend attending one of Sally’s sessions.

Rachel, Mundesley

Sally’s sound bath experience was amazing, and for the first time ever, I actually felt like I was able to let go of outside influences and noises of the world and truly look inwards.

Carol, North Walsham

I have been to a few of Sally’s Soundbaths now. Each time it is a magical experience. Sally is so welcoming. She opens the space for each of you to take time to escape from the pressures of life. You drift away to some warm yummy place of total relaxation. The beautiful sounds restore you so that you can come back in a better state to cope. Sally explains each of her wonderful instruments of sound. It’s never rushed. Its just bliss!

Golden Chakra

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